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Directions to Mt. Olive Preschool

Our Mission

Our mission at Mt. Olive Lutheran Preschool is to teach children Jesus loves them and to nurture their social, emotional, and academic development in a loving, Christian environment.

Our Philosophy

We believe that sharing the love of Jesus with each child is the most important thing we can do each day. We will provide a warm and loving atmosphere in which to learn. We believe that children learn best through a variety of experiences, including play. Each teacher will attempt to provide situations which make learning exciting and fun.

Our Goals

  • To provide children with a Christian education
  • To help them develop a positive self-concept
  • To help children develop a sense of sharing, caring, loving, and kindness
  • To encourage children to think, reason, question, and experiment
  • To encourage children’s language development
  • To enhance children’s physical development
  • To encourage good health practices, safety awareness, and focus on nutrition
  • To encourage creative expression through art
  • To play, have fun, and make friends

Core Values


We believe teaching children about God’s unconditional love for them is the most important thing we do each day. At Mt. Olive Preschool children learn about God’s power, love, and promises through Bible stories and illustrations.


At Mt. Olive we consider your family to be a part of our family. We strive to provide a loving and caring environment for children and families.


At Mt. Olive, children learn to make friends and play together. Taking turns, sharing, and using kind words are important social skills that children learn and practice in preschool.


Preschool is meant to be FUN. Children learn through play and exploration and have daily opportunities for both at Mt. Olive.

By focusing on social as well as academic readiness, children leave Mt. Olive ready for the school environment ahead of them. Learning letters and letter sounds, colors, shapes, basic math concepts, and exploring the natural world provide a foundation for further academic success.

School Hours

  • Before Care:
    7:00am to 8:00am
  • School Hours:
    8:00am to 3:30pm
  • After Care:
    3:30pm to 6:00pm