Class Descriptions

At Mt. Olive Preschool, we offer many class options based on your child’s age. Please read the descriptions below and let us know if you have questions!

Toddler Class

The Toddler class is for children who are at least 18 months of age, but not yet 2 by September 1. The primary focus of this class is for children to learn to play well with others. Learning how to share toys and take turns are incorporated into daily activities. Teachers work to help children expand their vocabularies through the use of songs and stories and by naming objects and activities throughout the day. Children who are ready for the Toddlers class must be off the bottle, able to sit at a table and feed themselves, and must have dropped morning nap.

Teacher-child ratios – 1:5. Ratio may be increased to 1:6 in January after children turn 2.

Two Year-Old Class

The Two Year-Old class is for children who are age 2 by September 1. Children in the Twos class begin learning colors and shapes and work on fine motor skills by coloring, painting, and gluing. Lots of opportunities for pretend and cooperative play, sharing and taking turns are provided throughout the day. Teachers work with children to expand their vocabularies through the use of songs and stories and by naming objects and activities during the day. Potty training efforts are encouraged in this class.

Teacher-child ratios – 1:7 or 2:10

Three Year-Old Class

The Three Year-Old Class is for children who are age 3 prior to September 1. Children will begin learning letters and their sounds and numbers in the Threes class. Monthly themes will emphasize different topics and seasons with activities and art projects fitting with study units.

Teacher-child ratios – 1:10 or 2:15

Pre-K Class

The Pre-K Class is for children who are age 4 prior to September 1 and who will be heading to Kindergarten the following school year. Children in Pre-K attend 5 days per week during the school year. Attending 5 days per week helps children become accustomed to daily school attendance and allows completion of projects over several days. Teachers focus on getting students ready academically and socially for Kindergarten with continued emphasis on upper case letters and their sounds, numbers and themed units.

Teacher-child ratios – 1:12 or 2:18.

Spanish Class

Spanish is taught on Tuesdays in the Twos, Threes, and Pre-K classes.

Using the Sonrisas curriculum, Spanish class incorporates singing, dancing, and reading stories in Spanish. Spanish class is a part of our preschool curriculum and is included in tuition.

Creative Movement Class

Specialized Creative Movement classes take place each Wednesday in the 3s and Pre-K classes and include development of locomotion and rhythmic skills and spatial awareness.

School Hours

  • Before Care:
    7:00am to 8:00am
  • School Hours:
    8:00am to 3:30pm
  • After Care:
    3:30pm to 6:00pm